Beer Battered Fish

Season both sides of the fish with salt. Set aside for 10min.

For the beer batter

Add 100g flour, 100g rice flour, baking soda or powder and salt to a bowl and mix.

Whisk in most of the beer. Consistency should be pretty thin, like melted ice cream.

Refrigerate batter for about 10min while you do the next two steps.

To Fry

Add 4cm of oil to a large heavy bottomed pot and heat over medium until temp reaches 190C.

For the dredge, mix together the remaining 50g flour and 50g rice flour.

Dry the fish well then dredge fish in the flour mixture.

Remove batter from fridge and check consistency. If it’s a lot thicker than melted ice cream, add additional beer to thin.

Place pieces of fish in cooled batter to cover on all sides, then allow excess batter to drain off.

Drop in pieces of fish very slowly and place down away from you.

Cook for 2½ to 5 mins until golden brown, flipping over halfway through. Don’t fry more than about 3 pieces of fish at once to avoid cooling oil.

Remove from oil and place on a paper towel or wire rack to drain.