Squidgy and gooey

Preheat fan oven to 180 centigrade, line your baking tin with greaseproof paper

Place the chocolate and butter in a glass bowl. Break up the chocolate and cut up the butter into small pieces. Then place this in a low power microwave. Check on the butter and chocolate every couple of minutes. Stir it every so often. It is done when it is melted through and there are no lumps

In a bowl mix together the caster sugar and eggs.

Add the caster sugar and egg mixture to the chocolate and butter mix. Then add the plain flour and mix it all together till everything is fully mixed in.

Add your salt, vanilla extract, fudge chunks and some nutmeg and cinnamon. I add quite a lot of cinnamon but do it to your own taste.

Place in oven for 30 minutes

Check brownies are ready by placing a skewer into the brownies about a third of the way in from the edge. It should come out with some solid chunks of brownie on it. If nothing comes off on the skewer then the brownies are overdone. If goo comes out on the skewer then they are underdone, however if the top is done then you can just leave the brownies out overnight and then they will have the perfect slightly gooey interior yet with a solid exterior.