Chicken Dhansak

Aromatic chicken lentil curry

For the dhansak

Heat oil in a large pan and add bay cinnamon and cardamom

When sizzling add onions, chili and salt and fry til onions start to brown

Add ginger and garlic paste and fry

Add all spices and fry for 2 mins

Add tomato and lentils. Stir to coat and cook covered on low for 5 mins

Add chicken, stir to coat and cover again. Cook on low for 10 mins

Add a¼ cup water, cover again and cook on low for 10 mins

Add 1 cup of water, turn up to high heat, recover and bring to a boil

For the tempering (tharka)

For the tempering, melt the ghee in a small pan and add the onions.

Brown the onions and then add the garlic. Cook til golden brown.

Add the tempering to the curry, stir and cook, covered, on low for 5 mins

Turn off the heat, top with coriander leaves, cover again and leave for 10 mins before serving