Garam Masala

Indian for hot spice mixture

Basic spices

Roasting the spices

Heat a dry pan & add cardamoms, bay leaf, star anise, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and pepper.

Roast them on a low to medium heat without burning until they begin to smell good. Transfer to a plate.

Then add coriander seeds and roast until they smell good. Transfer this as well to the plate.

Then add fennel seeds, roast for 30 seconds then add cumin. Repeat roasting until cumin begins to smell good.

Transfer to a wide plate and cool thoroughly.

Make garam masala

Add all of these spices to a spice blender jar. Powder finely.

Sieve and powder the coarse spices again. Then repeat the sieve.

Store this garam masala powder in an air tight, sun dried glass jar.

You can use up the coarse bits of spices to your masala tea.