Special Baked Ham

Christmas ham family recipe

To poach

Place the poaching ingredients in the base of the pan, place the ham on top and add cold water to cover.

Bring to the boil and poach gently for 10 mins per lb/450g. Make sure ham stays covered with water.

Leave to cool in the liquid until hand hot. Remove and cut away all skin and most of the fat.

For the Glaze

To bake

Score the ham in a diamond pattern.

Mix mustard, syrup and honey.

Place a long X of foil in your baking tray.

Place the ham in the centre if the X and add apple juice and ginger beer.

Pour over half the glaze and then fold foil sides up and pinch together at sides and top, being careful that the foil doesn’t touch the ham too much.

Bake, covered, at 200 C, gas 6 for 10 mins per lb/450g plus 20 mins.

Baste regularly.

Open foil, pour over remaining glaze and bake uncovered for last 40 mins.